The Difference Between the Professional and Student Version of the Test

The Student version of the test was reduced in length by 25% as compared to the Professional version. Since individuals without formal professional history have little experience, e.g., with handling employer-employee relations or with leading complex, long-lasting projects, some questions related to these topics are skipped in the Student version.

Both versions of the test estimate the results, namely a personal fit to the eight value-building profiles and to the eight working environments. The professional version incorporates more information and is therefore more precise. However, the estimation from the Student version will not vary by more than 5% as compared to the Professional version.

Which Version Will Work Best For an Employed Student?

Some positions, e.g. a PhD candidate, formally involve employment contracts, yet still, they function as a form of studies. Which version to choose in such a situation? Please mind that the choice between Student and Professional version of the test has little to do with metrical age. It all depends on the amount of professional experience. 

For a first-year PhD student and who still didn’t have a chance to fully grasp the written and unwritten rules in their working environment just yet, and didn’t build a stable working relationship with their employer yet, the Student version of the test will be a better choice. However, for a student who is 2-3 years into their PhD and feels that they learned a lot about their identity as a professional within this time, it is better to try the full professional version.

Similarly, as a rule of thumb, for an undergraduate student with a long record of working as a part-time employeewho can confidently answer questions about personal working style and personal relations at workit is typically a better choice to go with the Professional version of the test.


The Professional version of the test is advisable when the test participant:

Feels confident about their identity as a professional, personal working style, and preferences for building relations at work,

Prefers to get well-calibrated results,

Is willing to spend more time on the test, thinking about their professional history to date and drawing conclusions from the past.

The Student version of the test is advisable when the test participant:

Doesn’t have long professional history behind and didn’t develop their individual working style just yet,

Prefers to get results fast and at a lower fee.